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Please join me at one of my Weight-Loss Clinics at Overlake Hospital or other locations.

If that's not possible, please consider my Weight-Release CDs



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 From size 38
 waist to size 34
 in four months

I took your class at Overlake in Sep 09. I've shed 32 pounds by my birthday goal in January, and this was over the holiday period!

I went from a size 38 to a size 34 waist and can exercise regularly without pain or being out of breath. I maintain a healthy diet and portion size and even have room for a treat of dark chocolate on my terms, no more "stress craving" candy bars and sugar highs. I feel 20 years younger, OK, maybe 15.


Hal Itzkovics



Weight Release

Have you tried every diet plan you 
could find ... with no luck?

Do you eat more food every time you even 
think about going on a diet?  

    Does it seem like you’re sabotaging yourself 
at every turn?

Join me at one of my Weight-Loss Clinics at 
Overlake Hospital or other locations

Average weight loss at our three-week clinics has
 been one-and-a-half pounds, per week, per person.


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Now Available! 
The same CDs that I use at Overlake Hospital


  If coming to one of my weight-release clinics is 
impractical  or impossible, CDs are the next best thing. 
ou can still  lose weight just like the attendees at
my Weight-Release  Clinics at Overlake
Hospital by
listening to my hypnosis CDs just 30 minutes a day. 

It's as simple as that! 

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100% 90-Day 
Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be absolutely ecstatic with my Weight Control Program, so I'm going to take all the risk for you - right now! Try my program. Not for 30 days ... or 60 days ... but a full 90 days. If you don't see a change on the scales … if you don’t feel better about yourself ... if you don't feel it's worth the purchase price ... then I'll buy the program back from you (as long as its not damaged and is still in resalable condition.) Plus, you get keep the BONUS CD as my gift. Just my thanks for giving my hypnosis program an honest try. Fair enough? I think you'll agree that you have nothing to lose (except the unwanted fat) and so much to gain: a great new body, a great new attitude, and the great health that comes with it!  






Change the way you feel 
about food forever!

  •       Imagine right now the body that you've always
          envisioned yourself having … a slender one! 
  •       Can you see yourself free of the pain of carrying 
          those extra pounds?  
  •       Can you see yourself free to to wear the clothes 
          you want to wear … fitting into the next size smaller 
          jeans … and the next … and the next!  
  •       Can you see yourself NEVER again feel embarrassed 
          by the way you look? … Free to go where you want ...
          Free do the healthy, fun activities that you've always
          wanted to do! 
  •       Can you see yourself walking into a room as your 
          friends and family comment on how wonderful you look?
  •       (And when you look good - don't you feel so much 
          better about yourself?)  



You can change now!  



     If you've never experienced hypnosis, you're in for a treat. My voice will gently transport you to a deeply relaxed trance state conducive to rapid change. 

     There's nothing to it. Just sit back, close your eyes and let my voice lead you to new inner realities.

     These five hypnosis sessions will help you release cravings, creating a deep inner knowledge that you have what it takes to succeed, and put YOU in control of your eating.

     You can't expect to change a lifetime of bad eating habits in just one session, or even two. But as you listen to these hypnosis CDs on a daily basis, you'll notice that you begin wanting to eat in a healthy way. It becomes want power, not will power, which makes it easier and easier. Your old habits simply fade away, replaced by new healthier habits. 

     After listening to each session once a day for a week, you can then choose the sessions that you find most helpful. 

     For example, listening to Plug Into Your Power is a great way to prepare for a party or picnic to ensure that you stay on track.  



Even better, hypnosis helps you keep it off!

After 8-months, 
those have attended my weight-control clinics … and are 
still listening to their reinforcement hypnosis CDs at least 
once a week … are not only maintaining their 
new-found body image, 
they’re still continuing to lose weight!

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Isn't it time to 
take care of YOU for a change?


Is it just as effective if I just listen to the CDs
but don't attend one of your clinics?



It can be. But you have to be serious. People who come to the class have the peer-pressure effect, which you won't have if you're doing this at home, so you really need to be committed to the process. Attendees can also see that the people who are doing as I suggest are in fact losing the weight.

     Look inward and ask yourself:

     "Am I really committed to taking care of myself?"

     "Do I really want to look my best?"

     "Do I really want to be healthy?"

     "Am I willing to make the commitment to listen to one of the CDs every single day for the next three weeks? And then once a week thereafter?"

     During the class that's what I ask people to do. And then I ask them - in front of the entire class - how many days they actually did so. (This is where the peer pressure comes in.) And again, they can see that the people who are doing as I suggest are shedding the weight.

     So here's your commitment:

     I'd like you to listen to the first CD every single day for an entire week - then move on to the next one for an entire week. And then the third one.

     Once you've listened to them all this way, then go ahead and listen to whichever ones seem to apply to you the most.

     If at all possible, you'll want to continue listening to one of the CDs at least once a week for the next year. (More often if possible.)

     There are two other parts to this commitment.

     I ask each person who comes to the class to write down what they're going to eat before they eat it.

     Before, not after.

     This is just for the first three weeks. We're not talking about counting calories here, or planning your meals in advance. Just simply put whatever it is that you're going to eat on your plate, grab a scrap of paper, and jot it down. Nothing fancy. One potato, one piece of chicken, a bunch of peas, a piece of apple pie ... whatever.

     The whole point is to make you more aware. I've had people say that they had had no idea how much they had been eating while standing in front of the open refrigerator until they did this exercise. And remember, it's only for three weeks.

     Then, each week, I ask each person in the class how many days they were able to do this. (Here's that peer pressure thing again.) And again, they see that the people who did this were able to release the weight.

     And finally, I ask each person in the class how many days they were able to do 30 minutes of some sort of activity (if they're able, and if their doctor says it's okay). It doesn't have to be all at once. It can be ten minutes here, and ten minute there, and ten minutes there.

     I'm not talking about going to the gym here, or working out, or anything hard and strenuous. Cleaning the house counts. Mowing the lawn counts. Taking the dog for a walk counts.

     In fact, for those who are physically able, walking can be one of the best exercises there is. I recommend getting a pedometer and keeping track of your steps. According to experts, anything less than 7,000 steps a day is considered sedentary. Many of my clients are surprised to learn that they walk fewer than 3,000 steps a day.

     So there you have it.

     If you can commit to doing the above things, you can have just as much success as those who come to my clinics.


What happens if I go to sleep while
listening to the CD?



When I first started, I told people that as long as they heard me counting them out at the end of the CD, that they were hearing it just fine.

     But now I've learned better. I had a lady who came to one of my Overlake Hospital classes who recently emailed me. She said that since the class ended, she listens to a different CD every night to help her go to sleep.

     She shuffles the CDs, so she doesn't know which one she'll be listening to until the last moment.

     She goes to sleep so quickly that she has never heard the end of the CD ... and in seven months has lost more than 40 pounds.

     I'm not going to argue with success.




Give yourself the luxury of 
30 minutes a day with my proven weight control program  
and you will Lose The Weight You Want to lose 
… and Keep It OffGuaranteed!  
Or I'll buy the program back from you!  

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Your order is risk-free with my 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

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